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About Palm Bay Garage Sales

If you visit garage sales then you had better bookmark this site right now!

Palm Bay Garage Sales is Palm Bay, Florida’s incredible new directory service for the thousands of people who just love visiting garage sales. It’s an idea that’s been waiting to happen for years - we can’t understand why someone hasn’t thought of it before.

At the moment, if you want to look for garage sales you scour the local newspapers and read a very brief description of the sale. This gives you little idea of its size or what items it will be selling, and, where is Thunderbird Street anyway?

With Palm Bay Garage Sales just create a FREE member account and you’ll be surfing hundreds of weekly garage sales - it really is that simple! You can even search garage sales by date, location, item categories and specific keywords, making it quick and easy to find that elusive item.

Read tons of information about the sale items and a host of other miscellaneous information provided by the owner. You can even download and print a map of where the garage sale is located - how neat is that?

If you see a sale you particularly want to visit we can keep an eye on it for you and let you know when the details are updated and then remind you of the date and time (by email) a few days prior to the date.

Planning a Garage Sale?

As soon as you decide to have a garage sale, register with us, and post your Garage Sale and we’ll start promoting it straight way. It is the most cost-effective way of advertising a garage sale ever.

Need more information?

To find out more about Palm Bay Garage Sales take Our Tour and we’ll explain the whole thing in detail. It really is simple, quick and easy.

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