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Garage sale season is here and our team is ready and waiting to start listing and promoting your garage sale right now. Whether you are going to hold a garage sale, a yard sale or involve the whole street, PBGS can help turn your unwanted items into someone else’s treasured possession - leaving you to count the hard cash.

Our job is to bring more people to your sale, at a lower price (down right FREE), allowing you to make more profit and have a lot of fun in the process.

Leave it to us - we’re the specialists!

Our Mission

To provide you with quality advertising tools and information to help you have an organized and enjoyable Garage Sale.

Our Service

It’s really simple, we promote the PALM BAY Garage Sales site, visitors register for free, become members and view your garage sale advertisement, tell all their friends about your ad, download the map to find out exactly where you are and turn up at the appointed hour with cash to spend on the items they have seen listed on the site.

In between, we have helped you place your advertisement on our site and given you advice on how to make more profit. Oh, and by the way, the cost to you is just FREE - quite a deal eh?

In case we weren’t clear - viewing & posting garage sale ads is absolutely FREE, so everyone will be doing it this year, right?

Kick it up a Notch with PBGS! >

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